Fourth Annual Gainesville Insurance Wars

Tue, 11/14/2017 - 22:33
by Joel Curran

On November 2, The North Central Florida Chapter hosted the fourth annual Gainesville Insurance Wars.  Joel Curran CPCU, of Tower Hill, is a former President and member of the Board for about 10 years; and held the role of Secretary for the last 2-3 years.  He served as the creator, planner, and Pat Sajak for the event.  Below is his recap of the event.

For those who were able to make Insurance Wars, it was a really fun time.  The weather was great, teams were psyched, and we had a nail biter for a final.

Prevailing on the last word and winning by 2 points in the Final was Tower Hill Legal, edging out former winner Cabrillo Coastal.  While Cabrillo was the most consistent team all night, it came down to the final clue.  The two teams split scores with the first two clues: RONALD McDONALD HOUSE and HURRICANES IRMA AND HARVEY, but Tower Hill Legal got a good start on TWO UNDER PAR = EAGLE, and swept the clue.  Just scoring enough points to take the lead and the win.

The two Golf winners were Treweek and Moffit/Brightway, earning the top seeds in the tournament.

We also saw strong performances from Florida Farm Bureau (valiant effort to be our first repeat winner, oh and thanks for the golf balls), Nationwide (great debut, but unlucky dice rolling!), Tower Hill Claims, Tower Hill Commercial.

Special shout out to Dani Wheeler for her scorekeeping!  And Matt Sumter for managing the putting event.

Thanks to all teams, stay tuned for next year’s Insurance Wars. Florida Farm Bureau is already planning to field two teams next year!  So you better gear up too!

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