Tower Hill Team Captures the First Insurance Wars Crown

Thu, 01/09/2014 - 09:25
by Joel Curran

It was a lovely September evening at the Haile Plantation Golf & Country Club.  Harbingers of Fall were present  with moderate temperatures, and, yes, even an occasional cool breeze.  Representatives from local insurance companies and agencies were mingling and enjoying refreshments provided by Club staff Matt and Keifer.  The North Central Florida Chapter of the CPCU society was graciously hosting a pleasant social.

And then…WAR broke out.

It started with a skirmish on the putting green where club pro Nick Covino laid out a challenging three-hole course.  Six teams competed, with Safeway barely edging out Cabrillo Coastal on the second tie-breaker.  Florida Farm Bureau supplied the armaments (balls), but had a couple putts lip out.  Tower Hill placed third overall.

Then the real battle got underway. The Nationwide team took an early lead in the Dice of Fortune event, Florida Farm Bureau scored, but Safeway came out of nowhere to steal the first victory from its adversaries.

The second battle pitted Cabrillo Coastal, the CPCU team, and Tower Hill.  Like the first battle, we had an early leader – Cabrillo Coastal. But again a team grabbed a victory from certain defeat when Tower Hill scored big on the term “Independent Insurance Agent.”

Next came the playoff for the Dice of Champion bracket winner.  It was back and forth, but Tower Hill outlasted Safeway to eke out a victory.  That left Safeway, who won the putting skirmish, against Tower Hill, the Dice of Fortune winner for the final confrontation.

It was a one word contest.  Tensions were high, and the fans were going crazy.  On the roll to see who came first Tower Hill scored a 6, and that pretty much sealed the fate of Safeway as they would never touch the die again.  Tower Hill’s first letter was R.  Had they said N the tide would have shifted to Safeway.  The next letter was T, which was another direct hit.  As time was running out, the team needed to buy a vowel (had they selected E,  again Safeway would have had a chance), solve the puzzle, or roll again.

EUREKA!  In a stroke of genius a light came on, and Tower Hill elected to solve the puzzle.  With only an R and a T, they correctly guessed “Loss Ratio,” and vanquished all opposition.

A good time was had by all.  Everyone is looking forward to next year’s 2nd Annual Insurance Wars.  Thanks to Katie Anderson the Club event planner, and the CPCU Board for planning the event.

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